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Ok recently I've seriously been a little lazy writing regular journals; back in my beginning days I used to update the journal whenever I had the chance to get into the web.
Back in the days, I also used to have no own, continuous internet connection-hell, I didn't even have a pc, let alone a graphics tablet.
Thanks to my parents (one of them, my dad Tias1411, is a photographer) and thanks to my good old friend n8schattengewaechs I nowadays have a -rather- modern pc and an Intuos Pro graphics tablet at my hands. According to :iconn8schattengewaechs: I even own that Intuos, which is actually his...he borrowed it to me and then later said: "If I ever need it back-I'll buy one." , after I told him I was gonna try and make him need it back for himself. On the one hand, I sure meant it when I said it-still do. I want him to need that thing back, because I want, maybe even need him to find his way back to art again and then do the things that capable hands can do with such a beast; also, of course, I really think I can't deal with a pal jus' givin' me a graphics tablet that cost 500 bucks like it was nothing, even if he's one of my oldest friends.
On the other hand, I certainly love the Intuos like crazy for what my capable hands can do with this beast - one of several reasons for my journalaziness, for sure - and that doesn't really help with gathering a concept of how to get him back on..the right side of the Force (the Dark Side, just to make that clear-they have cooler helmets), but right from that metaphor springs an idea..more on that later.

Thanks to myself and, sadly, also the taxpayers of Germany for that matter, and to that point, I meanwhile also call an internet connection one of my current assets, nowadays.
I told my maybe two,maybe four readers about that in my previous journal, which was there pretty much since the day I got online in late April...It's a shame.
As I come to think of it, this is a lack of attention and credit where due, considering what deviantArt meant and still means to my development as an artistic craftsman and my slow but steady decision to wanna become such for making a living.

In my previous journal I also announced a sh%&load of my artworks designed to become the next step -a fully fleshed out killer portfolio- so far, and, much to my own annoyance as I assure you, failed to submit more than just mere teasers to what I am and will be working on.
To those who really read that journal -and this one for that matter- I deeply apologize, also to myself I guess. Even though I did work on my various artworks indeed, I ironically got sidetracked by said internet connection - which I so eagerly desired as the final step necessary for jumpstarting myself in building the basics for my future career.

What could possibly sidetrack a guy, wanting to get a foot the design industry, with a professional graphics tablet that some friend just gave him?!
:iconroyalphasewplz: :iconroyalphasetplz::iconroyalphasefplz::iconroyalphasequestplz::iconroyalphaseexcmarkplz:
Well, my friends, what got the best of us: online games. Namely MechWarrior Online - let's praise the Omnissiah it ain't nuthin' worse, right?
Although I managed to find some bright people (you a MechWarrior, look for Sangson) and even whom I'd call a genuine friend overseas -and Down Under and where DIE ANTWOORD and where their language and where this current language come from (Britain you bloddey hick)- and literally catapulted my spoken English abilities to Texas, although all that -and of course the undisputed merits of let's call it I cannot continue and allow myself to be as distracted from my task as I have been during May and June.
But hell, it's sure great to be back, and for good this time ^0^

I actually can't promise anything impressive to be out soon, with all that said- as I currently undergo the second phase of the acrylics part of said portfolio -phase one still WIP though- and besides have something that might be considered my first little job, so to say, even though -needimentionit- it's for resume's sakes only, no coin.

Still, I shall hustle to bring really finished, fleshed out and presentable artwork upon you, as fast as I can regain my worktempo to be and as my retarded workflow allows, and in the meantime try to put some nice bits and bites up here with some decent regularity to keep and hopefully spawn some interest on what I'm doing.

Of course I'm writing this on not my computer, so I'll have to wait with sighting stuff to submit 'til I get home.
Stay with me.
I promise once more: I'll deliver.
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  • Watching: Breaking Bad,Lost
  • Playing: MechWarrior Online (Sangson)
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Mit viel Zeitaufwand! XD
Nee, im Ernst:
Als ich angefangen habe für Leute zu zeichnen, habe ich mir nie träumen lassen, dass ich mal so weit komme. Ich fing an auf winzigen Pen&Paper Conventions die Rollenspielcharaktere der anwesenden Spieler zu zeichnen. Da habe ich die Erfahrung gemacht, dass meine Bilder gut ankamen und somit hatte ich auch den Mut mich ein Jahr später auf der Role Play Convention mit einer Mappe bei Verlagen vorzustellen.
Das hat mich sehr viel Überwindung gekostet, aber es hat sich gelohnt. :)
Ansonsten besteht ein wichtiger Teil meiner Arbeit auch noch aus Klinkenputzen, immer wieder vorstellen, sich weiter entwickeln und so kommen halt auch nach und nach die Jobs.
Aber die Auftragslage ist eine wankelmütige Geliebte und ich möchte und kann mich nicht vollends auf die Zeichnerei stützen um meine Lebenshaltungskosten zu finanzieren, deswegen habe ich noch einen profanen Halbtagsjob der meine Grundbedürfnisse sichert.

Der beste Tipp ist (denke ich): mutig sein! :) Es einfach mal versuchen! Und: eine Mail bleibt nie so gut im Gedächtnis wie ein Gespräch, also besser ist es die Verlage auf Messen aufzusuchen und sich mit einer kleinen aber aussagekräftigen Mappe vorzustellen.

Wenn noch Fragen sind, einfach fragen! :)
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Hochverdient, keine Sorge wegen dem Reply..Butter bei die Fische, wie machstn das mit dem Thumbnail im Comment?
Und,falls das nicht zuviel verlangt ist, wie hastn das so gemacht mit Jobs, spez. hier in Deutschland als Illustrator für cooles Zeuch?
Allerheftigste Glückwünsche zum Aventurischen Boten übrigens.
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Therefore: Thanks for talking to me man,you're my new hero!
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